TNWCTeam is made up of amazing women with a variety of different backgrounds, interests, and personal histories. If you’d like to get to know our members, please explore the bios below! We hope you’ll find their stories inspiring, or at the very least, informative.

This page is continually in the process of being updated, so check back soon to read about a few more of our wonderful teammates.

Race Team

Jillian Bearden
Citlaly Carapia

Erin Hamilton

Kylie Holub
Nicole Lamb
Trinity Machan
Kyo Zero Mars
Danielle Nelson
Ruth Seaman
Bev Sorsby

Club Team

Ava Agree
Isabella Macbeth Ravenel Cain
Natalie Fitzpatrick
Sara King
Samantha Landsteiner
Cindy Mok

Lesley Mumford
Jess Murray
Christine Anne Penn
Addisyn Stout
Claire Swinford
Sarah Yeoell

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